Journey into quarantine

So today I want to share some quarantine and self-isolation tips. This will consider emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

So today Facebook has come to my rescue. I posted asking people to share memories and some have posted lovely fun memories we shared together. One was a time of youthful ridiculous hilarity and this has brought a massive smile to my face throughout the day. Just sharing memories and lovely times together is really helping me get through my days. And my work what’s app group is helping too.

And just personal friends texting and calling me and praying with me is uplifting me spiritually as I face the battle to keep well. I am redaing my bible and saying lots of prayers based on Psalm 91.

So my emotional wellbeing is being bolstered by my social contact in a different way. My physical health is being bolstered by taking strong vitamin D because I am not getting out into the sunshine and this helps lung function. And I am also taking cod liver oil and magnesium for my brain health. I am not a GP but think this can’t do me any harm. I am also trying to drink water regularly and do regular walks around the block and drives while I still can.

Today I want to do some singing. I am also going to get stuck into my novel. If anyone would like some recommended reading then please let me know. I am also going to watch some recommended Netflix shows and some catch up tv.

Thank you to all new followers for following and reading this blog. It means so much and helps me keep going. I love reading fellow bloggers and their take on life’s journey.

My other recommendation is to have the occasional treat like some chocolate or a glass of wine. And lighting a candle and meditating is absolutely beautiful. I say prayers for teh safety of my friends and family while doing this. It is a peaceful and lovely thing to do.

And this is working for me. I am sort of pretending to be living in a Jane Austen novel (‘Pride and Prejudice’). I have always felt that I should have been born in another century and I imagine the world of Elizabeth would have been very small unless there would be the rare ball to go to in a carriage. So I am sort of living in a novel. That may not work for you all but it is helping my mental health. Have you readers got any tips on self-isolation?

So today’s recipe of hope is to consider how to manage your physical and emotional health and consider how to reduce social contact as much as possible. It is to look after yourself and to keep safe.

I wish you all health in all areas X

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