Journeying with Hope

As many of you wonderful people are aware, I have been journeying with Hope since the start of 2020. I started a ‘hope experiment’ to focus on and write about Hope every day of the year and wow I am so glad I made this decision. The bible tells us ‘hope does not disappoint us’ and I have found this to be totally true.

I have written about this previously, but I now view Hope as my guardian angel and in fact I have an angel on my window sill and yes you have guessed her name. And I have felt the comfort of Hope over this year, especially now more than ever before.

So for anyone reading in despair I suggest thinking a little about hope and perhaps reading some of my previous blogs on this topic. Hope comes in so many wonderful shades and hues and I have found her to be in every aspect of life. And she gives a true helping hand when we feel most despair.

I remember watching ‘Patch Adams’ years ago and after the tragedy that occurs in the middle of the film, a butterfly alights on Patch’s hand and that gives him hope to walk on. Hope can come in the form of a butterfly, or a bird, or a smile, or a film. However truning our eyes towards her is the key.

So my journey with hope during these difficult and sad times is remaining hopeful and also grateful-grateful that no-one I love or a member of my family has died and grateful that I am not struggling for breath. And in it all I am grateful that I have a home and enough food to eat each day. And I am grateful that the health service in the UK is very committed to caring for the sick.

So today’s recipe for hope is to think about what Hope means to you. And to look to Hope not fear as a comfort in these scary days.

I wish you a truly blessed journey with Hope X

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