Hope into Mother’s Day

Today I want to celebrate the wonderful role of the mother. I am not a mother myself, although I am a godmother to two very special children, which is an honour and a privilege. I have a lovely mum (shout out to my mum!) and have enjoyed spending my day with her. I have friends who have lost their mums, so I am mindful that for some readers this is a poignant and sad day of memories rather than celebration, of visits to a stone memorial rather than a real person or in these strange times, a sjype conversation.

The role of the mother is so important and I know many mothers, whose children have grown up to be amazing humans because of their parenting I believe. All those tedious chores, putting up with attitude, bad behaviour and sometimes the ‘I hate you’s’. It all counts. Because being a mother is in my view like being a rock, always there, always dependable and ever loving. Mother’s really hope in us and teach us what hope really means. My mother is my biggest fan and always will be. And that is priceless.

I am currently self-isolated with my seventy something year old mum who looks and acts years younger. Today we went for two walks in the sunshine (keeping our distance from other humans) and went on the exercise bike while listening to the angelic voice of Jackie Avencho. What a wonderful day!

So today’s recipe of hope is to consider motherhood-what it means, what our own mother’s have taught us and how we can be the best mother’s, whatever version that may look like.

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