Hope into change

We are in ever changing times. So much sad and bad news. However amongst all this despair is still hope, which survives every crisis and is there to lend a helpful shoulder to lean on, whatever we are facing. And as Mr Churchill once said “never,never,never,never never give up”.

So to those of you who are frightened and reading this, I encourage you to look at hope. By that I mean look for hope in the situation; if you are well, you may not become ill, if you are ill, you may well recover and if you have very sadly lost loved ones, then comfort can come from others to support you through the grief.

These are extremely tough days, but I have found that remaining hopeful despite all that is going on around me is helping me cope. I refuse to succumb to fear, because even if the worst happens and I die, I have a faith in a life beyond this one.

For those of you struggling mentally, please try to seek support even if it is online. People care they really do. And for all those who are self isolated greetings from my isolation pod. The hope journey is helping me cope on a daily basis.

So today’s recipe of hope is to remain hopeful and encourage people around you to remain hopeful too. It is not to give up hope, however bleak a situation may look.

I wish all of you bucketfuls of hope X

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