Journey into simplicity

As the days are defined by a very different eighteenth century narrowness, I have begun to understand the beauty of simplicity. And that is what we will explore today.

Hope as I have said on other occasions, lies in the simplest of things. Today myself and my mum complied with government regulations and went out for a walk. We drove to a remote place in our local area and walked near the sea, keeping our distance from others.

We saw a young girl laying out her blue towel and then starting to do a variety of breathtaking exercises -stomach crunches, press ups and other things that I have not done for a long time! Mum and I walked sedately along and then suddenly, out of the blue, my mum said ” shall we jog?” So me and my 78 (yes 78) year old mum jogged along together. It was magical. I was so proud of my mum. She is truly an inspiration in her young at heart attitude.

Just before the moment of jogging, mum and I watched two seagulls enjoying their day. They were both stood in the water, enjoying wetting their legs. Occasionally they would walk forward. They did not fly but just stood. I was surprised beacuse I thought birds generally flew about. Mum thought they were conserving their energy. Other birds were further out to sea, in a fluffy white angelic host along the waves.

So today’s joyous simplicity lay in watching two seagulls, delivering food safely to an elderly person and sitting on a gorgeous wrought iron bench, basking in the Spring sunshine. People greeted us as they walked past from a safe distance and seemed very aware of speaking to others.

The other part of my day has been enjoying a cup of cocoa made by my lovely mum. this takes me back to my childhood when I used to love gazing at the iridescent bubbles on the top. There was always something magical about the cocoa because of the sparkling colours in it. Somehow hot chocolate never held the same mystique.

I have also chatted to two friends today, again a very enjoyable experience. A simple ordinary day, a great deal of it spent inside, but nonetheless full of variety and surprises.

Today’s recipe of hope is to enjoy the simplicity of the world. To take time to look at flowers, or the sea and to focus on one aspect of beauty, whatever that may be.

Enjoy a simplistic week X

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