Journey into doing things differently

Life is not easy at the moment. It is a daily challenge to keep hopeful and keep our spirits up. But it can be done.

Having written about hope throughout 2020, I firmly believe that hope is a choice not an emotion. I feel it is a daily choice and a focus on hope helps us redefine our perspective and pushes away fear. In fact hope is a wonderful antidote to fear.

I focus on hope and enjoy every day. I go for walks and enjoy the beautiful sunshine outside, look at the blossom on the trees and experience a gratitude for being alive. I take each day as it comes and not think too far ahead.

Life is going to be different for us all for the forseeable future. And we can live life in a new way. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing. The simple things become more poignant, a relephone call becomes far more meaningful and life just changes into a slower more thoughtful and measured pace. In many ways this is preferable to the crazy stress packed life I was living before this all started. Although I would not want the virus to be here, the life I am living has made me question the life I was previously living and ask what really matters?

So today’s recipe of hope is to ask oneself what relaly matters? It is to accept doing things differently and making sacrifices. It is to try to live the best life in these testing times.

I wish you a peaceful time as you embrace doing things differently X

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