Thank you Hope

Last night at 8pm in the UK my family and I stood on our doorstep and applauded our truly wonderful and amazing NHS. Today I want to applaud Hope.

Hope has been my guide throughout 2020. I started my experimental ‘adventure into hope’ at the beginning of the year. I was excited about my journey and curious as to what would happen. And Hope has become indispensable during this time. I feel her with me every day and now I see Hope everywhere I look. Hope for me has become as natural as breathing.

I started my adventure in a state of National Emergency in Sydney, as bushfires raged and thousands upon thousands of animals perished in the flames. I had to leave Australia early due to personal circumstances. As I left, on January 19th, passing through Singapore, there was news of a virus hitting China that seemed to be spreading.

So having already been through one national emergency, I was prepared for what was ahead. During my time in Australia I began to cultivate my journey with Hope, springling and combining my hope ingredients daily, to produce a wonderful day. I began to see hope when I went on a walk; blue sky, sunshine, rain when there was no rain in Australia. And so it has continued.

Now hope lies in the simplest of things-breathing in and out, out and in, without coughing, funny video clips from friends, my parents’ kindness, friends calling me and checking in to make sure I am okay. The kindness and compassion of our nation.

So today I applaud Hope, my faithful and beautiful friend. I applaud you for giving me comfort and strength throughout this year and bright hope for tomorrow. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me survive.

Today’s recipe of hope is to applaud hope. To think of all she has done for you. And for those of you who are really struggling, focus on a time when you felt hope. Look at the sky, read a beautiful poem, listen to a piece of music, eat some chocolate. Choose to look towards hope, not despair.

And I applaud you dera readers because you have given me hope to continue hoping and writing X

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