Bright hope for tomorrow

There is a wonderful hymn which sings about ‘strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow/blessings all mine and ten thousand besides’.

I think we all need strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow at this sad and dark time. However in the midst of this, there are many many blessings. I will share what I am discovering, holed up with my family.

I love Anne Frank who died in the second world war. She wrote and amazing diary, which one day I will read (I haven’t got it with me or else I would read it). She found love cooped up in her secret room. And she inspires me at this time, because in the midst of her suffering she wrote and her words have survived.

I am attempting to do this time in isolation without complaining, so I can help keep up the spirits of my parents who are also in isolation. I am kind of imagining I am in the second world war, in hiding, like Anne Frank.

I am learning to count my blessings. Today I was blessed by laughter from many of the stupid videos people have posted during this time. I was also blessed by friends checking in on me. A text says ‘I am thinking of you, keeping you in mind’ and that is lovely.

I was blessed by being able to do a household walk around the block, to enjoy a lovely meal prepared by my dad, who is a very good cook and to have sorted out my spare room yay! It was in a pickle after my move and it is now getting more and more organised. I am putting things in order which is wonderful because at one point recently I felt all over the place.

Order and structure help organisae my day into a hopeful one. Kindness and compassion create hope in me. And the bible is coming alive as I read it. I am reading Psalm 91 and also Psalm 34 which are beautiful. For those readers facing loss I recommend Psalm 23 which shows God’s comfort.

I am finding the days do not drag. They are different and different new things crop up. I am resting more-today I had a lovely afternoon nap.

So life in simplicity is blessed and peaceful. Reading is a wonderful way to pass time and praying too, for God to bless people and keep people healthy. There is much I do not understand however I am feeling God’s comfort, strength and hope at this time.

So today’s recipe of hope is to consider this blog. If you are in despair, try reading Psalm 23 and asking God to help you. I thank you for reading my words and I pray all readers will keep healthy.

May God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and grant you peace X

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