Hope to connect

Today I spoke to two lovely people in Australia. It was great to be able to connect from the UK. I am so grateful for technology that helps me to reach out to others and vice versa. And I was also able to connect with a local church through the internet, which was also lovely. I was helping my mum with the Zoom meeting and joined in myself.

Connecting face to face hasn’t been my top priority over recent months. At one point, I confess to angsting over how many Facebook likes I had received and posting post after post. I was a bit of a FB addict at one point. It kind of sneaks up on you.

But my perspective has really changed over recent times. I love bloging, because it gives me a release for my thoughts, but I am truly not concerned about how many likes or followers I have. Blogging is about far more than that, it is about being one’s authentic self. It is about having a voice. I understand that I may not be approaching this in a business manner, however I am really enjoying myself and making connections with other bloggers is wonderful.

And I am really relishing my face-to-face genuine contact with people, some of whom busyness had stolen from me. Busyness has robbed many of us from enjoying life. This slow new pace of life with a lot more rest and a lot less rush is suiting me fine. I do feel very sad about things I can do nothing about, however I am learning lessons from this experience and I am sure many others of you are too.

So today’s recipe of hope is to consider your connections and maybe re-connect with others you may have lost contact with. It is to cherish the connections you have with others and maybe make some new ones.

I love connecting with my readers. Please tell me about your connection experience during this pandemic X

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