Hope into a smile

It may seem strange to speak about smiling during this sad time, however even in the midst of a pandemic, it is possible to keep smiling. Online quizzes, such as ‘Don’t Pass it on’ are very good at bringing a smile to our face.

The online community is doing us proud, just as the real community is doing. People are doing quiz nights, wine online drinks and various other hues and shades of community life.

So I am still smiling, just like Vera Lynn sings: ‘keep smiling through’. I am smiling because some of my friends are truly funny and they make me laugh. I am having part one, two and three conversations. I am having deep and meaningfuls and chewing the cud convos. I am chatting, sharing and being challenged. I am loving speaking to some beautiful people.

So today I applaud those who are doing their bit to keep a smile on people’s faces. And I applaud those who are wiping away tears, like The Samaritans. I applaud all those caring, sharing people in our challenged planet.

Please share how you are keeping smiling. Today’s recipe of hope is to keep smiling through and to encourage others around you to smile too.

I wish you some happiness in the midst of our darkest hour X

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