Hoping for a miracle!

Today I am praying for a miracle. I won’t go into details here, but I have been challenged deeply today and am having to dig deep on my hope reserves to hope for a miracle. I have a lovely stone and on it it says ‘believe in miracles’ and I do.

At the moment, more than ever before I am thinking about Jesus who did miracles while he was on earth. I am thinking about how I am needing miracles; the miracle of life, of keeping hope alive, of joy, of health. And I feel that miracles are everywhere-like people aged seventy plus recovering from coronavirus!

I read today about an old friend who has reovered from near death. That for me is a miracle. And I am praying for miracles that I need to see for people I know. Because yes ‘I believe in miracles’ as a very old song goes (I won’t recount the rest of the song, as it is on a slightly different theme.

I am struggling as I write this. Inside I feel a pain. A need for a miracle. These are dark times and the words on my stone resonate in my mind. I look at the stone and I believe in miracles and in a God who does miracles.

So today’s recipe of hope is to think about miracles. And if you need one, to consider asking God for one. These are times when life is very fragile and I think many people are searching for meaning and asking deep and profound questions about the nature of life and death.

Love and prayers for continued health and healing for us all X

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