Hope backwards

Today’s title is a bit unusual. Why hope backwards? Because I feel as a society we have gone backwards, almost back in time – to a time when life was largely lived at home in simplicity. We have gone back to many things and that is what we will explore today.

Many of us are getting back to crafts such as sewing, knitting, jigsawing. We are leaqrning how to relax and pass time by doing these things. We are talking to one another, playing games and having fun. We are standing on our doorsteps applauding our wonderful nurses, taking the time to say thank you.

We have gone backwards to a time when stress was not such a well known word, when rushing to get a million and one things crammed in a day did not happen, when we were basically not as busy. And I wonder whether many of us are happier. I have sposken to a few friends who say they are.

Lessons have been learned that I never plan to unlearn. I want to enjoy life more and connect with people more rather than machines. I want to take time to look at Spring blossom, rather than worrying whether I need to post it on Facebook.

So today’s recipe of hope is to look backwards. Reflect on your past and consider what aspects of the things you enjoyed are missing. And consider whether to take long neglected things up again-gardening, sewing, knitting or painting. And enjoy!

I wish you a backwards looking week X

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