Hope into conversation

Today I have been thinking about the conversations that have been happening. Conversation is my mainstay during this time and conversations have produced hope in me-friends saying beautiful wise words of encouragement, checking in and praying for me. And lovely friends reading this blog-I shout out to you, you know who you are!

So I have learnt that times together do not need to be face-to-face. They can be over the phone, or over Skype or Zoom. And people more than ever are needing to talk. Some people are not coping with not being able to see other people and the phone is a lifeline for them.

So my phone has been buzzing. What I have learnt is that conversation takes time. So sometimes people call and I am due to ring other people. But I don’t want to rush the first people away, so sometimes I am having to postpone conversations. But I give my all to the conversations I am having. Do other people find this? I try to do my best by everyone. I want to give my best ear to you all.

I am grateful to my fiends who read this blog, for taking an interest in what I write. Friendship is about giving and receiving and you give to me by reading this. And a huge thank you to new followers-all suggestions welcome.

I am grateful to all who are helping me through this time. and thank you Hope for being everywhere, in my very breathing which I can do without a ventilator and without my lungs feeling like glass. Thank you lungs for carrying oxygen and working properly. Thank you air for being there for me and thank you blackbird for singing to my soul yesterday.

Today’s recipe of hope is to be grateful for the things we have in abundance-breath, fresh air, a health service where people lay down their lives for their patients. And countless more things.

Thanks everyone for reading today’s blog. My love to you and your families X

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