Hope into stepping out of our comfort zone

We are all in this together. We are all journeying a strange new locked down path together. And things are different. So how do we face this? Today I want to explore how we cope and face the ‘new normal’, without falling to pieces.

The current crisis is extremely tough. It seems like a ghastly game of Russian Roulette with an invisible enemy, who might slay us at any given moment. And all around us people are dropping like flies. I wonder when I come out of my hibernation, for that is how I am viewing this, who will remain on this planet? Will I see everyone I know and care about again. I think possibly not.

So how on earth do we deal with this? I am remaining hopeful that great lessons will be learned. And I am stepping out of my comfort zone. So tonight I took part in an online quiz show and laughed my head off. It took my mind off everything and I just enjoyed being silly. And why not? I am not sure I would have done this five years ago. I made a fool of myself and I didn’t mind. I came out of my comfort zone of always wanting to appear together even though that isn’t the real me. I just let my hair down and laughed and made others laugh in the process.

We can come out of our comfort zones at this time. We can try new things, like online game shows, or resume old things, like cooking, knotting, gardening. We can clap in the street, we can sing online and we can ring vulnerable people daily if they need it. We can do different things and the same things differently. I am loving many aspects of the ‘new normal’, because the old ways seem very stale in many ways. Why did I care who liked my Facebook posts or not? Why did I care so much about my appearance. When it is a case of life or death, the stark reality is that life does not need the clutter of other people’s opinions, it is just about being alive and being with the people who you really connect with and love.

Has anyone else noticed that the birds seem to have gotten louder. They seem to be chirping their little hearts out as if their very feathers depended on it. I wonder if they are heralding the fact they aren’s knocked out of the sky by planes and the air is clearer for them. They seem to have multiplied, or maybe I am just taking time to sit in my garden and listen to them singing. They seem to be doing things differently too.

So today’s hope recipe is to sit and listen to some birdsong, to take part in online activities ( scrabble for me next week), to consider doing things way outside your comnfort zone, to do that thing you have wanted to do for years and never gotten round to and finally if things are really really tough, to ring someone and share the burden.

For those who have remained well during this time, I wish you to bravely step beyond your comfort zone. To those who have lost loved ones please accept my sincere condolences. Grief is terrible and I acknowledge that many are grieving now. We are in the midst of much tragedy.

But there is always Hope, a friend to us all, always ready to carry us onwards. X.

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