Hope into helping one another

So today I have posted twice. The first post was a guest post by my lovely friend, who used to care for her mum after she was recovering from a stroke. She would like her own blog, so I thought it might help if she posted on mine. I really enjoyed reading her words. If anyone wants to have a go at blogging, let me know and I am happy to post a guest slot. And if you are doing anything creative, then let me know. My friend Helen who wrote the excellent guest blog also makes beautiful bespoke jewellery. You may like to check out her website: delevingnedesigns

I have been thinking about how we can help one another. I was truly touched by the headteacher in Grimsby who delivered hand made packed lunches to all his children who would normally have a school lunch, walking five miles. I have also been so moved by the growing number of professionals who have lost their lives caring for others. I raise a cheer for Aimee the nurse from Margate, near where I live and for the many many nurses and doctors around the world who are now memories. I also raise a cheer to the social workers on the frontline, one of whom has also recently passed away.

If anyone want to comment or ask questions, then please do. If I can help in any way by writing on a particular topic, please let me know. I have found helping others gives me hope. My biggest act of helping is to stay at home and save lives that way.

There are many people doing heroic acts at this time. Please let me know if anyone in your community, or even you are doing such things. The world is full of love and hope as well as pain in this season of suffering.

Today’s recipe of hope is to continue to stay at home. It is to do an act of kindness, which may be staying at home, or a telephone or skype call, or writing an email to let someone know you are thinking of them. And to encourage someone with what athey are doing in some way.

I wish you all the joy that comes from helping one another X

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