Hope into hibernation

Hibernation is the new norm. Hunkering down at home. Staying in and walking once a day. I am hoping to protect myself and others, so I am doing my best.

Hibernation is a much nicer word than quarantine. I like the idea of hiding away for a while and then re-emerging into a new life, refreshed and reinvigorated. I imagine myself like a character from a children’s novel.

And in my hibernation zone, there is a feeling of being safe, tucked away from the world. I can hide from the nasty disease that is out there. If I think of the terms: ‘isolation’ or ‘quarantine’, then I feel negative, as they imply being shut in or imprisoned. For me, it is all about the language, the language of hope.

Animals manage to hibernate successfully year after year. They never complain, they just knuckle down, go to sleep and get on with it. So I am aiming to get on with it. I structure my day, to achieve something everyday. And if I don’t manage to achieve much, that’s okay. I will start again tomorrow.

So my hibernation is going well. I am finding once a day walking absolutely wonderful. I am enjoying time spent with family, deep and meaningful conversations and thinking about creativity. I am getting through the ironing pile too, which makes me feel a wonderful sense of achievemnt. And I am cultivating my spiritual life.

I find praying and reading the bible gives me a wonderful sense of peace. I start each day with a prayer and a cup of tea. I express my gratitude to God for my life being spared at this time. I am so mindful that life is truly deeply precious. I will never take life for granted again.

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