Hope into history

I saw an amazing post on Facebook today which recorded the historic time we are living through. If I get to survive the pandemic, which I hope I do, then I will have lived through an amazing time in human history, when the world was turned on its head.

I am truly so very grateful to be alive, to be safe and well, to have enough food and to have kept my job. I am so aware that many many have none of these things, so I am grateful that I do. I am also acutely aware that my fight against this disease is by being sensible, not seeing family members outside my house, trying to support other people on the telephone and also by not hoarding food; today our community project emptied its cupboards, because people are going hungry and when we reopen then I am sure we can rebuild our food store again.

So history at this time is being written with pens of kindness and compassion; redistribution of our wealth, applauding the courageous NHS and a prime minister who in my view has laid down his life to serve his country (my prayers are that he will recover!) History is consisting of values being overturned like the tables of the money changers being over-turned in the temple. And the skies are clear of pollution from cars and planes and factories. The stars are singing their brightness more vividly than ever before.

History is written when things change. I personally am happy for the changes that have been wrought by the pandemic, although I desperately want it to go away. Something good is growing from the immense pain; the pavement dwellers coming off the streets, the vulnerable being cared for, nurses and care workers being applauded. And people thinking about kindness. Caroline Flack’s wish to ‘be kind’ has come true.

So today’s recipe of hope is to think about the historic days we are living through and record some details. Maybe write a diary, set up a You Tube channel, or write a blog. Because this will fascinate the future generations. And be grateful for the blessings you have ;health, breath without pain. If you are unwell I pray you will recover soon.

Love and prayers to all you wonderful followers and readers X


  1. This is very well written and sums up the current world crisis beautifully. There are lots of positives to be thankful for even in the midst of such awfulness and we are living in a page of history that can never be forgotten. Indeed it should not be for it will change the world forever.

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