Hope beyond pain

Today has been a tough one, because some dearly loved friends are suffering immense pain for various reasons. And that hurts. I spoke to them on the phone and later I felt the weight of it all and just got under my duvet because I felt so overwhelmed!

But I hope beyond the pain of today. I carry hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day. As many of you are aware, I am a Christian. And for me that means identifying with Jesus who gave His life for us, that we might know eternal life. I identify with the sufferings of Christ on the cross, because he suffered, knowing there was a future hope ahead.

Easter for me is not about fluffy chicks and eggs. It is about God’s love for humanity. And as we head towards the Jewish Passover and Good Friday I want to share that I know what pasin feels like, I know what depression feels like and I now know what Hope feels and looks like. And Hope is such a beautiful gift. I believe that Jesus saw Hope shining before Him and that helped Him endure the agony of the crucifixion.

Tonight I stood and along with my neighbours celebrated the NHS and social workers. I am so touched by the nurses, doctors, care workers, bus drivers, prime minister and shop workers who have contracted this dreadful virus in doing their jobs. Thank you to you all.

We are all suffering together at the moment. Some are ill, others are bereaved, others are struggling with the lockdown. However there is hope beyond pain. And this hope is created by us clapping on our doorsteps, doing shopping for others, collecting prescriptions and making kind phone calls.

So today’s recipe of hope is to keep doing what you are doing. If staying at home, please carry on. If being kind, then carry on. Use your gifts; sew those wash bags for the NHS, make face masks, make You Tube videos. Be your best self.

May you know Hope beyond pain X

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