Hope of Easter

Today is Easter day, which is a wonderful day of hope and joy as Christians across the world celebrate the resurrection of Christ. And families enjoy chocolate and hunts for Easter eggs.

I this time of hibernation, Easter may look and feel different. There may be grief today in the face of loss, in the separation from family. However God’s comnfort is there for us all.

For those living in darkness, a great light has dawned. A light that shines in darkness, in pain, illuminating gloom. And a light that will light our future path. The light of the world.

I have thought greatly about faith during these dark days. I am praying for friends who have suffered tragedy. I have found a present hope in times of trouble and I hope to comfort others, with the comfort I have found to be true.

A relationship with a loving God is available to us all. I celebrate Easter because for me Jesus loved me enough to be nailed to a tree and bore my sins, so I could be forgiven. And this is a gift for us all.

So today’s recipe of Hope is to reflect on the Easter message. It is to reflect on Hope and to be still. It is to light a candle and say a prayer, or sit and watch the flame and consider what life means. It is to remember all the wonderful health professionals who have lost their lives; their courage and selflessness is the true spirit of Easter.

I pray you will have a richly blessed day X

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