“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –

Extract from ‘Hope is the thing with feathers’ by Emily Dickinson

I think of Hope as my friend, however Emily Dickinson focuses on the emotion created by Hope within the soul. And I agree: the feeling that Hope gives me is like feathers within my soul.

During the pandemic, the feathery feeling of hope is sustaining me daily. Today my mum and I went for our daily walk together and stood and marvelled at the pink pom pom blossom announcing itself upon the trees. Showing its beauty without pride. And this perches in my soul as I write; I can feel the feathers of hope tickling me inside, causing joy at the memory of the blossom clusters dancing before me. Such beauty and free to look at.

Hope is everywhere. I enjoy going to bed, because as stress has decreased, sleep quality has increased. I look forward to not rushing about. And I look forward to lovely food and a family meal together every day. Tonight mum and I decided that eating on the sofa was no longer going to happen and we laid the table up and I lit a candle. And we called our newly adopted friend who is on her own and has asked to become a family member, to join us by phone and share our mealtime. We laughed our way through dinner time.

We are sharing our lives with people on their own through chatting on the phone. We are doing our bit to support vulnerable adults in our community, because they need it and they in turn are enriching our lives, by asking how we are doing. This gives me that feathery feeling too.

And writing this blog gives me a feathery feeling, because Hope is my anthem during this time. I do watch the news, I say prayers for people suffering. But I am not going down! My soul is full of feathery hope because hope for me is the only way I can cope with all the suffering around me. I would feel like a total hypocrite writing about hope if I wasn’t practising its presence. I have learnt how to hope no matter what and when this year is over, that is how I will continue to live. What started as an experiment has become a lifestyle.

Today I watched a film called ‘The Robe’ which is about a Roman centurion who becomes a Christian. He was responsible for putting Jesus to death. I watched this and the hope of this man’s faith shone through. Because Hope carries us beyond the present towards a brighter day-that is its power.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider Hope. What does it mean. Read a poem about it, look at a picture. If Hope seems to be distant, think about how to find her again. And if you are feeling depressed or suicidal please speak to someone. Do please reach out for help. And please don’t give up on Hope, because Hope is ever present and never ever ever ever gives up.

May all of you find Hope and Peace at this time X


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