Stories from the Streets

This site is about hope. I want to share some real life stories with you to offer hope. Details have been changed to protect people’s privacy. However the essence of the stories is true. It started off in 2016, when I began to see people on the pavements and engage in dialogue with them, not just pass them by. These brief encounters changed me forever.

The first real encounter: Easter 2016

27th March 2016

Yesterday I went into town and opposite McDonalds was a man in a sleeping bag. I felt compelled to stop. I spoke and asked him his name (Matthew) and I asked if I could pray for him. After this he told me he had lost his son through a brain tumour. I then told him God had lost His son too and understood his pain. I told him about a local church and how he could find help there. When I walked back up the street, he waved and said ‘I’ll see you tomorrow’.

This encounter sparked off something in me. I read Roy Godwin’s book ‘The Way of Blessing’ and visited the most amazing retreat centre called Ffalld y Brenin. I went to a conference there and was deeply impacted by Roy’s advice which was not to manipulate people to hear the gospel message. So I decided to change the way I was doing things.

I began to increasingly notice people appearing on the pavements. I felt that I could not just walk by and ignore them-these were human beings just like me. I then watched a programme which I think was Red Nose Day, where celebrities became homeless. This made a profound impression upon me. One particular encounter was when one of the celebrities spoke to someone and then walked away. He then went back and apologized and said ‘I didn’t ask your name’. I thought to myself that from now on I will always ask someone’s name.

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