Hope of recovery

Today I read about two people who have been taken off ventilators. Boris Johnson is recovering well and there are wonderful stories on the news of people who are over 100 recovering well. Congratulations Connie aged 106, from Birmingham, who has shaken off the virus. This is wonderful news in the face of pain.

There are many people who have bravely battled this virus and survived. And there are people clapping for carers very week. A 99 year old second world war veteran who has raised £8 million pounds. Captain Tom Moore has walked 100 laps of his garden. He gives us all hope. What a hero!

Please share with us your stories of recovery and hope. I am heartened that people are making miraculous recoveries against the odds. I am touched by the incredible NHS workers fighting against this horrendous virus and many have sadly lost their lives.

I have hope that people can recover. I hope for the economy to recover. We have been knocked down but we will rise up again!

Today’s recipe of hope is to listen to this beautiful song and reflect. We are all in this together. With love and prayers X

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