The Power of ‘Good morning’

Today I went for a wonderful early morning walk. I try to do a small walk every day and a long walk once a week, in order to honour the social distancing recommended in the lockdown.

As I walked down to the sparkling sea, I walked past joggers who jogged a good distance away. I walked on and saw people with their dogs. Many of them in fact the majority wished me ‘good morning’. I wondered about this. I was on my own and I think people may have thought that I live alone.

A gentleman I walked past, once again walking his dog, asked me ‘are you alright’ and I told him I was. So, to the many people that walked past me and said ‘good morning’. a huge heartfelt thank you.

There is a Proverb in the bible ‘the power of life and death is in the tongue’. The power of ‘good morning’ is invigorating, offering hope that someone has noticed you and cares about you. It is the power of connection, even under social distancing.

So today’s recipe of hope is to say ‘good morning’ to people you pass by, especially those who are on their own. And it is to keep an eye on people who are on their own, call or text them, because it is hard being on your own in lockdown. Even a five minute call can make all the difference.

I wish you all a connected week X

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