Happy Friday

When I was younger, I always used to go into work on a Friday and say ‘it’s Friday and it’s great to be me’. And so today I am saying ‘it’s Friday and it’s great to be me’. Because I am grateful to be alive.

Today I had a wonderful video chat with one of my friends. We spent almost an hour just passing the time and catching up. So far I have enjoyed my Friday. And later on I am going to be joining the Zoom birthday party of a special young person who is one today. I will be celebrating.

I am happy because there are prayers that have been answered; various people I know about have miraculously recovered . Others have ongoing health issues, but are doing okay. And I know of people who have recently been diagnosed, so am praying for them. And I am so overwhelmed by Captain Moore who has raised over 18 million pounds by walking up and down his garden. And overwhelmed by the growing army of medical professionals who have laid their lives down to serve others.

So today I stay at home in my fight against this virus. And I say ‘it’s Friday and it’s great to be me’. Because I want to keep upbeat for those I am isolated with. I will dress up for the Zoom party which I am looking forward to. I will go on a lovely walk, do some reading and value my friends and family.

Today’s recipe of hope is another song. It is to listen and reflect on what makes you happy. And to review whether when the pandemic is behind us, whether you want to re-emerge from the lockdown and do life differently; less frantically, more relaxed.

Love and prayers friends X

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