Feeling groovy?

What on earth does the title mean of today’s blog? Groovy isn’t used very much any more. Personally, I like the word special. Feeling special. Let’s explore how hope comes into this.

Let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t feel very special. Sometimes people unwittingly make us feel unspecial, unnoticed, invisible. Or do they? I promised to write with integrity and transparency so I am going to be open about this.

I have often felt overlooked to be honest. However I have recently been thinking about this. I did not have an easy start to my life and I think my inner ‘script’ can be one that assumes people will overlook or reject me and that feeds in to my expecting it and maybe setting this up to happen. This is an internal struggle for me. I have always felt like the last one to be picked for P.E. (and I was).

So how does one deal with this? Well the truth is sometimes we are overlooked. Sometimes people don’t ask for our opinion, or don’t ask for our voice, or ask us at the end of a conversation, like we are an afterthought. And for me, that rips into me.

BUT-hope is in this. Because I know that this is more about me than others. It is my self-esteem that is fragile, rather than other people’s motivations towards me. Generally people don’t intentionally set out to hurt others, although let’s face it they do. However I know that I am very sensitive and sometimes maybe recreate the pain of something I have known before.

So where am I going with this? Feeling groovy or special isn’t always possible, however hope is a choice and feeling good about myself is a choice. So if I am overlooked for some reason, or feel second best, then now I am choosing to shake the dust off and start again. I choose to believe I am special, with something unique to offer the world. I may not be as talented in some areas as some people I know, but that is okay.

I am choosing to redefine how I view myself and to discount what I may feel others think of me. Because at the end of the day I am not in their heads, but my own.

Today’s recipe of hope is to really value yourself and shake off some of the negative things that have come from others. Maybe write a list of negatives that have come at you, then rip it up. And make an effort to make someone you know feel special-call, text, buy some chocolates, pray for them.

May you all feel groovy! X

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