Lessons to be learned

Quotes About Loss And Faith #277115

Faith is described in the bible as a gift. I have a personal faith myself which I class as a gift. I want to tell others about this gift, because it is beautiful and helps me especially in these dark times. However I would not dream of forcing my gift upon someone else. I will show people and if they are interested I will invite them to look at and examine my gift, however I will never thrust it into their arms and say ‘here you have this’. Being honest, I have sometimes done something like this before, but now I see that gifts are things that people will want and will make them feel special and are never to be given with a bad motive.

I once received a present that I knew someone had been given and didn’t want. There it was, several months later re wrapped and gifted to me. I remember the conversation we had had about the person not liking it and it being more of a ‘me’ present. And my question now is ‘why didn’t they just give it to me at the time?’ The present appearing later wasn’t a gift, it was a cast off. And it made me feel sad rather than happy.

When I was younger I often put my birthday gifts away and got them out ages later to make use of. I think it was because I wanted to make the moment of receiving them last. However somewhere along the line, this developed into a habit. I would buy something, then put it away and not use it for ages. And now I make a point of doing the opposite. Because we can save the best china or the best glasses and never use them. What a waste of time.

Isn’t life like this? Procrastination is a word that means putting things off and derives from the Latin word cras, meaning ‘tomorrow’. And there is a phrase that states ‘tomorrow never comes’, but today does.

So today’s recipe of hope is to embrace today with open arms. Don’t put aside that dream to write a book, learn to cook, or fix that shelf. Start that project, speak to that relative that isn’t the easiest person, say that sorry. Because maybe just maybe the opportunity won’t be there tomorrow.

And finally, I want to say how touched I am by having some new followers join my growing group. I started this blog as an experiment and wasn’t sure if it was worth writing it a little while ago. But your likes and comments help encourage me so much. So thank you email followers, thank you WordPress followers from around the world. Please keep engaging-send me your comments and suggestions and any of you who want to write on hope I will share.

I present to you all the gift of today X

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