Pride of Britain

This morning Captain Tom has won a ‘Pride of Britain’ award for walking across his garden on his walker and raising £28 million in the process. We wish him a very happy 100th birthday.

Captain Tom we salute you! This amazing humble man has brought the entire country and world together. He is a true symbol of hope and resilience. Today I want to celebrate his life and congratulate him on his well earned award.

This extraordinary man has shown us that anyone of us can do great things. He did such a simple thing, doing what he could to support the NHS. And it has won the hearts of us all.

Hope can be about action and this can have a massive ripple effect. One person I heard about recently, who is isolated at home and is in their 70’s, is making face masks. There is a little boy with spina bifida now doing laps in his walker, to raise money. He has raised thousands of pounds.

It is the Big Night In to raise money for the most vulnerable people in society. Once again, people will be doing amazing things to raise money for others. People are cycling at home. One celebrity is riding 100 miles today. We are all in this together.

Today’s recipe of hope is to celebrate everyone doing what they can to make a difference. This can be delivering prescriptions, doing shopping for your neighbours, making masks, sponsored walks, sponsored bike rides, making videos and staying at home to protect others.

Thank you all for making a difference X

This is worth a watch

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