Lessons from the grave

Last night on the news, there was a piece about twins who died of Coronavirus within days of one another. They were both nurses and gave their lives for others. There have been so many NHS staff who have laid down their lives for their patients. These are lessons from the grave.

The world has change overnight, from the emphasis on celebrities and what wonderful outfits they wear and their amazing lifestyles, to stories about heroes and heroines who in their own quiet way have done the most amazing thing. Like the New Zealand nurse who sat by Boris Johnson’s bedside as he was battling for his life.

I hope we never revert to an emphasis on the superficial. Although there is a place for admiring beauty and fame, it is not the meaning of life. In the midst of the pandemic, with thousands upon thousands of lives lost, the lessons from the grave are to be kind and compassionate. Lessons from the grave which Caroline Flack first spoke to us about only a short time ago.

There are wonderful lessons for us all to learn in these times. Lessons I am learning and will take forward. Lessons of appreciating all the small things. Last night I watched a film called ‘The Healer’ and there are many lessons in it. I won’t give it away, but it is well worth a watch. It teaches about perspective.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think about the lessons you have learned from the people who have gone before you and the hope that this gives you. What did they teach you? How did they enrich your life? And what lessons have you learnt through the pandemic.

And here’s a song from someone who has left us, to help us reflect. This man’s singing is beautiful.

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