Keep on keeping on!

Today in the UK we welcomed back our Prime minister who has won the battle with coronavirus. It was lovely to see him return to the helm.

And we were asked to keep on contributing to the fight against coronavirus, to literally save lives. So, today I shout out to all of you readers who are in lockdown and encourage you, like me to keep on keeping on. And thank you all for doing the right thing; making sacrifices, staying at home and maintaining social distancing.

I am amazed by the wonderful things people have done in this lockdown. Captain Tom walking a hundred laps of his garden using his walker, a girl today who sat in a bathful of cornflakes and milk for two hours to raise money for the London marathon, fashion houses making surgical gowns, the list goes on and on. Acts of kindness, creativity and entertainment abound.

So how do we keep on keeping on? Structure the day and it goes by far quicker. Also write lists you can tick off. If you are feeling terrible, please tell someone. You are not alone. There are people willing to lend a listening ear at any hour of the day or night, especially the wonderful service that is the Samaritans. They are on 116123 in the UK which is a free call. Please keep battling on, even if life is really hard for you at the moment. This world needs you.

Today’s recipe of hope is to look at yourself in the mirror and think of lovely things about who you are. It could be your blue eyes, your big smile, having your grandmother’s nose. And if you struggle with this then look and think what would my biggest fan say about me? And reflect on the wonderful human you are. And if you have done bad things, so have we all.

Thanks for reading my site. It means a lot. I appreciate you X

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