“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day,” said Pooh.

Today is 28th April 2020, the only time I will ever walk through this day. As I sit here typing, it is 18.19, the only time I will ever sit and write today’s blog. Today I will take 23.5 000 breaths. Today I am alive. Today 586 people have died of coronavirus in the UK. And I am alive and well and so very very grateful. Today in the UK a minute’s silence was held for all the key workers who have died.

Today I started with a prayer time with my mum. Today I had a three hour conversation with one of my friends and we both felt uplifted at the end of the call. Today some dear friends delivered gorgeous cinnamon buns to our door, to bless my family I ate two for my lunch and felt happy. Today we had a vegetable, fruit and salad box delivered, so I was able to eat an orange, apple and banana.

Today I have had delicious food, been shown love by friends, had enriching conversation and shared time with my family.

Today has been packed with small events and moments. Today I am about to eat a spaghetti bolognese, lovingly prepared by my dad. Today I will do a zoom call to connect with a group of people from the church I attend and we will share about something important to us.

Today I am at peace and am in good health. I have taken my vitamin d and cod liver oil capsule. I am mentally and emotionally and physically well. I plan to do a walk as I do each day.

I would love to hear about your day. Please share. The ordinary is actually really special.

Today’s recipe of hope is to reflect on your day and be grateful to be alive. I am going to do my own minute’s silence beacuse I missed today’s one. You may care to join me in thinking about people who you may have known who have passed away due to the virus or something else.

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