Making a difference in lockdown

I have the privilege of co-coordinating a community project for vulnerable adults. When the lockdown first happened I wondered how on earth we could support our wonderful service users, because we used to meet in groups and share meals together.

However this pandemic has taught us all how to reach out even in lockdown. So, even though we are in isolation, it is possible to still support people, albeit in a very different way.

Today’s post is to share how the community project I work for is trying to make a difference. So today, my dear mum made a lovely chocolate birthday cake for someone we call every day and has become an additional family member. We dropped this off and mum and I sang happy birthday from a safe distance. Our wonderful small team spoke to others on the telephone.

We have been giving food away and supporting hospital appointments. And having lots of chats. And giving jigsaws and paints to people, to help pass the day.

I write this, because, even though we are in lockdown, we can all play our part. And we can play our part by asking for help if we need it so that others can be blessed by offering that help in return. The ebb and flow of human kindness across the world.

Thank you to all of the blog followers who help others. And followers who are struggling, please reach out because other people are there for you. In the UK there are many support groups available.

So today’s recipe of hope is to be pleased with yourself if you have requested help and to congratulate yourself if you are giving help, especially working for the NHS or as a key worker; for example a truck driver or refuse collector . And please repeat after me: ‘it’s Friday and it’s great to be me’.

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