Under pressure

Before Covid 19 hit the world, I had a sense that time slipped through my fingers like grains of sand. I had a sense of everything being very speeded up and never getting anything done. And this made me feel under pressure, stressed and truth be told, a bit lost.

Then covid 19 came along and suddenly all those diary entries, plans, arrangements, catch ups, coffees were null and void. Life narrowed down to four walls and one walk a day. Friends were reached by phone, appointments cancelled and there was much more time. Time to do things like reading those hefty novels, write journals, sort my underwear drawer out and do my ironing (one and a half baskets down, one to go!)

Looking back pre-covid, I think about all the things that I felt were so important to me. Material possessions had become far too significant and also my to do list (which never got done!) I had unrealistic expectations of what could be shoved into each day and an evr increasing sense of pressure. I never truly felt rested and peaceful.

So now I am no longer under pressure, what does it feel like? Well it feels good. I feel that life has become far simpler, much more peaceful and basically less cluttered. I have re-learnt how to structure my day and I feel the important things are addressed, like the phone calls that need to happen. And I have time to speak to friends, lots of it. And so I have two to three hour conversations at times, which are valuable and thought provoking.

I have spoken to other people for whom the ‘new normal’ is preferable. One of my friends phrased it ‘stop the world, I want to get off’. I feel for many of us we no longer are being driven and feel stressed out. I intend to carry on with this slower pace, once lockdown is over. How about you. I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think about the areas of your life that have changed in a positive way since the lockdown. Have you stopped doing unnecessary things? Started new hobbies youy would like to continue? And are there things you still want to achieve? I for one want to make lemonade scones, so I will do that.

May you know the peace that comes from not being under pressure X

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