The bare necessities of life

Because we are in lockdown, I am feeling inspired by things around me, often songs. The words of songs are having a profound impact upon me, as are videos of people giving inspirational messages.

A song that has impacted me this week is from ‘The Jungle Book’. It talks about the ‘bare necessities of life’. As life has been pared right back for us all, I feel we are learning what the bare necessities mean. What do we need for life?

The 5 Levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

This very well known pyramid details our bare necessities of life in successive steps. The top of the pyramid is ‘self actualisation’, which occurs when all the other steps are in place. The most essential are physiological and safety needs. It is interesting that in this pandemic the physiological aspects of life i.e. health, food, water are paramount and then safety-keeping ourselves safe from harm and socially distancing are the next priority. Love and belonging are being fostered through using social media and the internet, so we can connect with our loved ones and wider community, in a new way.

Self-actualisation is at the top of the pyramid but this is only achievable when all the other conditions are met. And although a good aim, it is not considered essential. Some people arguably, are not in a position to consider self actualisation, because they are strugling to meet their physiological and safety needs.

Although Maslow is not definitive, his proposed hierachy of needs is extremely interesting. It makes us reflect on those ‘bare necessities of life’. It helps us to review what needs are most important and what are non-essential. And makes us appreciate the small things, which I have spoken of before.

Today’s recipe of hope is to listen to this song and think about the ‘bare necessities’ and what these look like to you. And give some thought to your needs being met-my family has had some lovely gifts of food from others brought to our door. And I am truly grateful for those acts of kindness.

Enjoy the song and happy Sunday everybody X

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