Shout out to the world

As a relatively new blogger (now three months into my Hope adventure), I have been fascinated and encouraged by having followers who in all likelihood I will never meet, other than in the blogosphere. It is truly a wondrous thing how blogging connects us through words on a page, not through speech or meeting in person, but in a virtual wonderful world.

So here is today’s shout out to my three top following countries; UK, India and USA. I am curious as to why I have so many viewings from these particular countries, I live in the UK, so it would seem obvious that many viewings are from here, but India and the US I am curious about.

I am curious as to who my followers are, what they like to do and why they enjoy my blog. I wonder if my recipes for hope help at all, or what parts of the blog make an impact.

And as I have said before I am grateful. When I was younger and read ‘Jane Eyre’ , I loved it when Charlotte Bronte would address me across the centuries: ‘Dear Reader’. So I thought I would do the same to all my readers across the globe; a heartfelt thank you for following and for liking my posts.

Every Thursday in the UK, we clap for the carers. This includes: the NHS, those offering personal care and social workers. And today is my equivalent. I clap those who read my blog and those of you who are fellow creatives, writing blogs for the eyes of others, making a difference in using language to challenge, inspire and encourage. And please let me know what you find helpful or unhelpful. Any advice welcome.

Today’s recipe of hope is to do your own shout out or clap for someone. It can be in a virtual or literal way. At this point in our shared history we need encouragement, more than ever. I most certainly do. Write a thank you note, paint a picture, write a poem. There is a wonderful tree near where I live decorated in various shades and hues of blue fabric and messages of gratitude for the NHS. Today I walked past a knitted rainbow hung on a school wall.

I applaud you all X

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