Learning about Hope

Profile of an African American Teenager with hope for the future.

Today I wanted to use some profound words from Albert Einstein. It is interesting to hear his words about hoping for tomorrow.

During this panedemic, I am using Hope as my main weapon to fight the despair that can so easily nip at my heels. The news throws us sets of horrific figures, hundreds upon hundreds of personal tragedies. But, holding my hand through it all is my dera friend and companion Hope.

When I started this journey, I was in the midst of the Australian bushfires. I left Sydney on the 17th January at a time when stories about a strange new virus were starting to emerge. And now we are 127 days into the year-and what an unusual year it has been. And Hope has been my support through it all. Through two different national emergencies.

I agree with Albert Einstein that we must never stop questioning. Hope means that we can question life and make changes. We can adjust our thinking and challenge ourselves if we are stuck. Here is a great model that can offer us assistance on this

See the source image

The model is very useful, because any change of behaviour starts with thinking about whether we want to change. And then we need to really decide if we do wish to act. There are two stages before any action takes place. And relapse is part of the cycle-so we can forgive ourselves if we mess up and go back to old habits or patterns of behaviour.

I can attest to the truth of the model, because my hope adventure was, in essence, my own personal war upon depression, which I have battled on and off all my life. And I needed to act on my decision to make hope my focus of the year. And it has been maintained. And yes although I still question things and challenge things, I have managed to maintain my Hope adventure and feel far less depressed. My focus has shifted and so have my feelings.

So today’s recipe of hope is to study the model above. If you are wanting to make some major changes, such as giving something up then this model is very helpful. It may be desert (I have cut out daily puddings after a meal), or alcohol, or cigarettes. And there are good services out there to offer support. It may be a habit that you don’t like, or an addictive behaviour or thought pattern.

May you keep questioning and keep hopeful about tomorrow X

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