"Creating a connect life begins with the decisions we make in our day to day lives." - Dr. Vivek Murthy

Today I want to explore the hope that comes from connectedness. I really love the work of Professor Brené Brown, who is well worth listening to.

There is a saying in the bible that ‘two are better than one’ and I think this is very true. And here is a wonderful example

It is great to team up with others, whether it be as a couple, or in friendship. I am very much enjoying collaborating with my dear friend Helen who has written several guest blogs for us.

There is plenty to think about in the questions posed by Dr Vivek Mirphy. So today’s recipe of hope is to reflect on those questions and also consider collaborating with someone, maybe a new project or simply asking for advice. And please let me know how you get on. I relaly value your comments and feedback.

I wish you many beautiful connections X


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