Respecting a virus?

Yesterday the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, gave an address to the nation altering our lockdown rules marginally. Many people commented that they were cxonfused. So today I thought I would describe my attitude to this virus.

I have adopted an attitude towards the virus that I have had since I lived in a state of National Emergency in Australia. I went out there, armed with masks, which I used on occasions, when I was outside. I stayed in a lot, venturing out on occasions, but enjoying time with my family and next door neighbour. In a strange sort of way, getting used to social isolation and preparing for the season which was lurking just around the next corner. And I watched the news regularly and was very aware of the dangers of fire and I respected the fire and did not put myself at risk. Because fire is a killer and it wasn’t worth taking a risk.

I have adopted the same mindset with this virus. I respect it as a potential killer, in a similar vein to how I respected the Australian bushfires. I am fortunate to have a mask (left over from the fire season), so on the odd occasion I venture into a tiny shop, I wear a mask and latex gloves (bought from the Pound shop). I am fortunate to have some hand gel too, which I also use regularly. I wash my hands frequently, use wipes on the door handles and do not go into shops because I have a pre-existing health condition and I do not want to become unwell, hence taking up another NHS bed.

Today we drove to look at the sea. The waves were swooping over the sea wall and crashing onto the ground, whipped into a frenzy by the gusty gale. The sea enjoyed its display of power today, growing increasingly strong as we watched. And I felt the utmost respect and stayed within the confines of the car.

So, I respect the virus, although I do not like it and I want it to die. I respect the sea, fire, wind, sun and earth and I respect killer viruses. I endeavor to reamain well and adhere to social distancing rules and I take exercise and vitamin D, to keep myself healthy. And I step away if I am too close when I am exercising. And I take up a friend’s kind offer to do my shopping.

I would love to hear how you are managing in the pandemic. What is your attitude to the virus? Have you contracted it and recovered? Please share your thoughts with us. I have made massive changes in how I view life, which has shrunk to a much smaller size. But I accept the ‘new normal’ and am adapting accordingly.

Today’s recipe of hope is to reflect on the changes you have made in order to defeat the virus. And to consider how you have kept hope alive. And if you are struggling with your mood, please speak to someone. Many people are struggling at this time and there are many kind ears waiting to hear your voice, such as The Samaritans in the UK (116123).

Stay safe everyone X

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