We are the champions!

As the lockdown continues, I am often inspired by songs. So today’s song is ‘We are the champions’ by Queen.

I want to celebrate the champions today who have battled the virus, Colonel Tom Moore, raising over £32 million for the NHS,

Some international champions are from Turkey

On Tuesday, a 107-year-old Turkish woman was discharged from a hospital with applauds from medical staff and taken to her home for isolation after she received treatment for the coronavirus.

Havahan Karadeniz was admitted to a hospital last week with symptoms of high fever and cough, and tested positive for the virus.

Melig Cirag, the great-grandchild of Karadeniz, told Anadolu Agency that his great-grandmother was registered as 98 years old, but her actual age is 107.

Last Friday, Alye Gunduz, a 93-year-old farmer from Turkey’s southeastern Batman province, who is also suffering from hypertension, recovered from the coronavirus after receiving 10-day treatment, and was discharged from Istanbul’s Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty Hospital.

And in Iran


In Iran, a 100-year-old coronavirus patient recovered from the virus that has killed a disproportionate number of elderly patients, and was discharged from Alborz University of Medical Sciences’ Sarallah Hospital in northern Alborz province, Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported last Thursday.

The centenarian man was reported to be the oldest patient contracting COVID-19 in Alborz province, while previously, a 102-year-old woman and 106-year-old man recovered from the deadly disease in Iran’s Zanjan and Qom provinces, respectively.

On March 18, another 103-year-old Iranian woman successfully recovered after contracting the deadly coronavirus. According to Nevid Danayi, the rector of Semnan University of Medical Sciences, the old lady “fully recovered”.

Ada Zanusso, 104, who survived Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 to 1920, also survived the coronavirus, The Sun reported on April 5.

After falling ill on March 17at a nursing home at Biella in northern Italy, where the virus has already killed 20 fellow residents, Zanusso was admitted to the hospital since she was vomiting, feverish and struggling to breathe. She tested positive for COVID-19 at the hospital.

Among good news coming from Italy — where the tally of COVID-19 fatalities exceeded 21,000 — was also a recovery of a 95-year-old woman on March 18.

After being admitted to a hospital in Pavullo near Modena in the north of Italy on March 5, Alma Clara Corsini was able to return home after fighting off the potentially fatal virus without any antiviral therapy or medication, according to local Gazetta di Modena.

On March 29, a 101-year-old Italian man, identified only as Mr. P, successfully recovered from the deadly coronavirus.

And the champions in the UK :

In the U.K., great-grandmother Rita Reynolds, 99, from Bramhall in Stockport, fell ill due to the coronavirus on March 25. Against all odds and despite her family were expecting the worst, she is now among the oldest persons to have recovered from coronavirus, according to the Guardian on April 4.

Reynolds, who is looking forward to turning 100 in July, was reportedly a driver during the World War II, and at the age of 21 she survived a bomb that fell outside her home in Liverpool.

Separately, a pensioner in Scotland — who will turn 99 this summer — has stunned doctors by her will of fighting the pandemic, The Scottish Sun reported on April 8.

Daphne Shah has survived the virus after a week-long treatment in Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, a coastal city in eastern Scotland, where she was taken with a high temperature, persistent cough and breathing difficulties.

The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon during her daily briefing in Edinburgh hailed an Indian-origin woman “for providing hope for the whole of Scotland.”

I also want to acknowledge the champions caring for people; the medical professionals, nurses and doctors. And the truck drivers, food deliverers and refuge collectors.

So today’s recipe of hope is to keep on fighting this battle, even if it means staying in. And if you are recovering from the virus you are truly a champion. And if you are a medical professional you are a champion. We are the champions. You may want to listen to the song.

Keep fighting everyone X

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