Hope from nature

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That is a beautiful image from the bible and for those of us who do have a faith, it offers us strength, hope and comfort.

There are many lessons to be learned from nature, particularly birds. Birds never fret or worry, they have a daily routine and they pleasure us with their sweet singing, throughout the day. I especially recommend the songs of blackbirds and robins; they are particularly beautiful.

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So what can we learn from eagles?

The Eagle Flies At High Altitude And It does Alone.

The Eagle Has Strong And Unbelievable Vision: This vision is so sharp to the extent that it can capture objects 5 kilometers from the air.

The Eagle Eats Fresh Prey.

The Eagle Gets Excited In The Midst Of Storm.

The Eagles Prepares For Training: The male and female eagles takes the baby eagle to a mountain top at high altitude to prepare it for the challenge of flying at high altitudes

What can we gain from these fascinating facts? I find the words of Samuel Osho very helpful in relation to this:

  1. Have A Strong Vision. Eagles possess a strong vision, and can focus on objects far away. Yesterday we looked at goal setting and the importance of written goals and I think it is very important to have a vision for how you want to live your life and what values you want to adhere to.
  2. Samuel Osho comments: ‘High Flyers. Often, you must have heard this expression; “Soar high like an Eagle” ‘ We can aspire to fly high and by that I mean strive for excellence and to do the best we can whatever we put ouyr hand to.
  3. Samuel Osho goes on to say Fearless. ‘Eagles never give up and they are relentlessly focused on achieving their goal’. Practising perseverance is essential if we want to achieve the goals we have set. Success does not come overnight. Olympic athletes literally train for years to reach the heights of their sport.
  4. Fearless. ‘Eagles never give up and they are relentlessly focused on achieving their goal’. We need to face our fears;fear of failure, fear of the past, fear of other people’s opinions and press on nonetheless.

There are more things we can learn but I felt those four were particularly striking. So, today’s recipe of hope is to look at those lessons in regard to your own life and vision. And ask some searching reflective questions: do I have goals? do I have a vision? Am I drifting along and not achieving what I would like to? One goal could be to seek support if I am stuck in a negative pattern of behaviour or thinking. And do please share your thoughts with us on what has helped you to move forward or what you think about learning from nature.

Image result for Eagles In Flight

May you all soar like eagles X

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