Square Peg by Hope Wells

Here is the first part of a story I have written. The next instalment will be posted soon.

Square Peg knew that he was different. He had a square head, which marked him out from everyone else. He was unusual. But he didn’t feel good about that. He wanted to be the same.

One day Square Peg walked past the Hole of The Round. He knew he should keep going and not go near it, as his mum had told him many times to steer away from it. But still, he had a fascination with it.

So, he walked up to the Hole. And, hearing laughter from below, he looked down. And a face, a perfectly round face looked up and then the person  waved.

Then, Square Peg heard a voice ‘come on down’, said the voice. ‘No.no’, said Square Peg, but the voice was insistent; ‘come down’.

So Square Peg very tentatively crept down the ladder and found himself in a round hole in the ground. Everything was round. And then he noticed round faces everywhere with large round eyes everywhere gazing at him.

‘Hello, I’m circle’, said the now familiar voice. “Nice to meet you”.

“I’m Square Peg”, said Square Peg.

Circle looked at Square Peg in amazement. “You are very different”, he exclaimed.

“I know”, stated Square Peg in a flat tone. “To be honest, I’ve always wanted to be the same”.

“Well, I can help with that”. Circle smiled and produced a motor bike helmet. “Put this on”.

Square Peg squeezed his head into the helmet and it fitted. A bit tight. He looked around; there in the room were others like him who were wearing crash helmets too. But not many.

“Would you like to play? Do some cooking?”

“That would be lovely”

“Come over here then, ushered circle and gesticulated towards a round table with round cutters neatly placed in a circle.

Square Peg got the flour and water and made some dough. He rolled it out into a lovely square shape. Circle looked horrified.

Have I done something wrong? Asked Square Peg in a subdued tone.

Circle passed a round cutter across. “Nothing square in here”. “Squares are ugly, different and stupid. Never make a square in here”.

Square Peg then made some wonderful circle cakes, with lovely round sprinkles on them.

“Oh lovely”, said Circle. He tasted one and smiled “delicious”.

Square Peg enjoyed his afternoon. And then he took off his helmet, placed it on the round table and went up the ladder and walked home singing to himself.

When he arrived back, he noticed the shapes in the house; square and oval tables, many shapes and sizes.

Square Peg’s mum eyed him curiously: “are you okay son”, she said. “I’m fine mum”.

Square Peg felt a longing to go back to the Round Hole and found himself there on many afternoons over the next few months. He loved everyone looking the same and all the furniture being round. He felt safe that nothing was unusual or different.

One day Square Peg asked his mum why he was square and not round. His mum answered with a smile “because different is unique, it’s special”.

Square Peg continued to visit the Hole of The Round in secret. One day he tried to put the helmet on, but it wouldn’t go over his head. He had grown over the past few months and so had his head.

“Can I just not wear the helmet”? Circle looked shocked. “No” he grimaced. “Squares are disgusting. Absolutely not. He pondered for a moment. “There’s something we can do though”.


“We can alter you. Come over here”. Circle patted a chair and signalled. “Sit here” and he patted a chair.

So Square Head sa on a chair. And Circle took a hammer and chisel and chopped and scraped and knocked and planed until Square Head was perfectly round like everyone in the Round Hole.

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