The Power of Hope

Today I have been listening to a wonderful TED talk and considering the transformative power of Hope.

Hope can be a vague concept, for example hoping to get out for a walk or hoping to lose weight. However it can be an amazing transforming force. It can be the driving force to find a new land, as we learnt in yesterday’s blog, considering explorers like Christopher Columbus.

This wonderful speaker describes how hope, coupled with kindness has transformed his life. Small acts of kindness can radically affect us and reshape our thinking about life which we can then show others. This can create a massive ripple effect.

The acts of kindness going on throughout the world during this pandemic are, I believe going to transform it into a much better place than it was before Covid 19 exploded. Small acts are happening everywhere, I know of someone who had fruit and vegetables delivered by a kind neighbour. My family have been blessed by gifts of cake and chocolate. Another person was blessed by her neighbour giving her some Krispy Creme doughnuts. These things brighten our day because they show we have been kept in mind.

This man’s equation for life is: simple kindness and generosity. He also advises: life+hope=change. I wholly agree.

Today’s recipe of Hope is to watch the talk and to reach out to others with simple acts of kindness and compassion.

And may any of you who are feeling hopeless be encouraged today X

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