Don’t take Hope for granted

I have been walking and thinking and reflecting on Hope. I used to take this beautiful gift of God for granted. I used to cast a cursory look at Hope and she played a very insignificant role in my life. So now I am going to explore this further.

I used to consider hope in a manner which was quite dismissive; for example thinking ‘I hope to lose weight, or hope I may get a very fulfilling job. It was more about a vague thought than the power of hope which we have explored over the last couple of days.

Having studied and read about Hope over the last five months, I am convinced that discovering Hope is like discovering hidden treasure. However I feel this is a deliberate pursuit, not a casual relationship. I have focussed upon Hope and as I have done so, I feel that she has come more and more into focus, like a Guardian Angel or a friend. It is hard to define this experience, however it is truly beautiful and transformative. As a Christian, I believe that God has multi-faceted blessings for His children. And for me Hope has been a great blessing, especially over 2020.

The pursuit of Hope, is in my opinion, far more relevant and helpful than the pursuit of happiness. A happy life is not guaranteed; suffering is sadly part of the human condition. However, it is possible to live a hopeful life; this is a helpful antidote against despair. Contentment is, I now feel, is more realistic than the fleeting emotion of happiness, although as I have read recently, many people struggle with dissatisfaction, which one excellent blogger said can be a tool for being visionary.

So today’s recipe of hope is to consider your relationship with Hope. And also consider whether you are living life in the way you want to. I have realised recently that living the best life starts today with just living life. It is possible to feel hopeful in the face of despair, although I do not want to minimise the immensely hard battle life is with a mental health issue like depression. And if you need help in feeling hopeful, please call for it. There are numerous listening ears out there and people who are very willing to reach out a hand to help you face today is it feels too tough to walk forward.

May you find the brightness of hope today X

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