The broken flower

I have a lovely amaryllis and was very excited when I saw two scarlet flower stems on it. I watched daily and saw them gradually grow and become ready to unfurl. I spoke to them, encouraged them to come and show their hidden beauty. Two of the flowers came and made their world debut. And then disaster struck!

The winds came and started to blow and toss the flowers. The amaryllis needed protection from the wind, so was moved to the garage. And then the wind ceased, so she was moved back to the garden space. However, in transporting her, I accidentally knocked one of the flowers and it broke. I was so upset. I confess to trying masking tape. I now have a bud with a piece of black tape wound not so very neatly around it. And this has got me thinking. Why was I so move by a broken bud?

There is something about brokenness that is deeply touching. Perhaps it is about vulnerability. For me, the other flowers showed what the bud could achieve and I longed for the flower to reach its potential and come into bloom. I didn’t, couldn’t accept the end. So I tried to save it.

The bud did not come into bloom, however three of the other flowers did. And this simple plant has spoken to me in the way nature often does; a simple life parable. There are many lessons here.

  1. I tried. I tried to help the flower to heal and that made me feel better. Even if it didn’t work, then at least I gave it a go and didn’t give up.
  2. The other flowers still showed their beauty and I was able to appreciate them. Sometimes things go wrong, however all is not necessarily lost
  3. I have hope that next year I will grow four flowers. I will keep trying

We can learn a lot through nature’s simple language. Today’s recipe of hope is to look at nature and consider the lessons she is trying to teach you. If you have a garden, take a look around and reflect. Or go for a walk in the country and look at the trees, the plants and dream. And if you are housebound then I would recommend the wonderful blog ‘The Wandering Ambivert’. This is a beautiful site, where you can go on a virtual walk accompanied by mellifluous music.

Enjoy today’s nature lesson X

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