Celebrate good times

Yesterday’s post was about managing expectations. Today I want to build on that a bit more and consider the art of celebration. And this involves the concept of championing others.

In this blogging community that I am part of, there are readers, there are followers, commentators, email followers and visitors. And today I am very grateful. This week I had a one-off from wordpress ‘your stats are booming!’. I had over 100 visitors in an hour. That really lifts me, because I hope people will enjoy my writing. So thank you everyone for all your reading, liking, commenting, following and encouragement.

And I also want to celebrate other bloggers. I follow other people’s sites and if you are a blogger this is a really good investment. I rewrote my welcome message as a result of reading other people’s work.

I also want to mention the importance of the like button. Because this is feedback on how others are responding to us. So thanks to all of you who have liked posts. Please keep commenting and sharing your views.

At this point I want to celebrate a blogger who has been a particular influence and encouragement to me: https://theathoolikaonline.wordpress.com/ This is a beautiful and inspiring site and well worth a visit. Jeremy Jain Babu has been so supportive and I note supports other bloggers too. So please visit her site. I feel very connected to India, because they are my second biggest audience. So a shout out to any Indian readers today. And hello Jeremy in Kerala.

My recipe of hope today is to celebrate those who have helped you. Thank them, let them know what they have done. There is scientific research showing that an act of kindness helps our own happiness. So, if others have been kind then report back, because then they will be encouraged to continue. Let’s celebrate one another during this time. Just as we clap for carers, let’s clap for the community and individuals who have done small and simple acts of kindness.

I wish you all, especially my fellow bloggers celebrations X


  1. Thank you so much Hope. I had those tears of happiness in my eyes while reading this post. As like the pen name, you have been instilling HOPE into the lives and minds of all redears here and I am glad that I am one among them.❤️
    Hoping that you will celebrate so many other writers who have extended their kindness through their unique posts. Sending wishes and Love from Kerala, the God’s own Country). Stay happy and blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh that’s really nice and I appreciate your effort, especially the initiative taken to promote and motivate other bloggers here.
        UK is a dream place of mine. I am a great fan of the moors from Brontes’ novels, the Lake District, Hebden bridge and several other places too. 💕


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