Hope beyond failure

I watched a very interesting You Tube today from a blogger who I would describe as a master of the craft, Christian Mihai. He spoke about the importance of failure. So I am going to explore this today.

As an ultra sensitive soul, I have never seen failure or disappointment in a particularly good light. My eighteen year old self trundled off to Oxford University, having got through the entrance exam first round and then failed miserably at the interview. The door shut and for many years I felt that I had missed my way in life and ruined my life.

When I was a learning mentor in a school, I was speaking to one of my students at the time and I realised that I would not have been there, had I achievved my dream of getting into Oxford University. I now see that I would never have met some of the truly amazing, incredible young people I have worked with over the years, as a social worker. Being truly honest, I have the propensity towards or rather I did have the propensity towards becoming an academic and hiding in an ivory tower. So if that had happened, I would have hidden away from the world and never travelled the social work journey.

So, failure isn’t necessarily what is says on the tin. I agree with you Christian Mihai. I now see it as a massive opportunity to learn lessons and not make the same mistakes. Making mistakes is part of life. As one of the greatest Prime ministers of all time says:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill

So, for today, our recipe of hope is to celebrate our failures. What have we learnt from them? And what can we do to avoid going around the same mountain again? I would love to hear from you about your failures.

May we all keep learning together X

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