Keep on keeping on

As many readers may be aware, the lockdown is loosening its grip. However, in my view the invisible virus is still around, still unknown and still deathly dangerous. So my motto is ‘keep on keeping on’.

I hope to stay well. I hope to continue living a purposeful and productive life. And I do not want to die at this point in my life. So I am continuing to be very careful and mindful of how I live. Shops are a no go; I try to avoid meeting people inside if at all possible, I exercise in public spaces, that is my new normal.

I would be interested to know what life is like for you at this point in time. I am especially interested in comments from followers in India or the USA. What is the lockdown looking like for you?

The concept of ‘keep on keeping on’ can apply to so many aspects of life. Keep on trying, keep on applying for jobs, if you are a blogger then keep on writing every day. Christian Mihai, a renowned blogger advises that consistency is very important in the world of blogging. And so far I have managed to consistently post on hope every day throughout 2020. I have been doing so for 5 months now. At the end of this year there will be 365 blogs on hope.

I am wondering what to explore in regard to hope over the next few months. I am thinking about looking at other aspects of a hopeful life; such as faith. I would also like to post blogs from fellow bloggers, so please let me know if you would like to submit an article on hope.

And thank you to those recent new followers. I appreciate you enormously; it isn’t very heartening to write to yourself every day, so a heartfelt thanks to you all for your support, comments, likes. Do reblog if you wish, or share. I think people need hope at this time.

Today’s hope recipe is to keep on keeping on. And if this isn’t working, then carefully consider whether it is time to lay something down. There is a time to persevere and also a time to exit stage left. It is knowing the difference that is crucial.

May you have a week filled with good choices X


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