Hope Cares

I have been doing a lot of thinking over recent weeks. There are tumultuous events occurring around the world. People are rising up to make a stand against racism. Because they care. Hope cares about what is right.

Martin Luther King spoke out because he cared. And it cost him his life. Millions of people around the world are speaking up at present, especially across America, because they care.

When we have hope, we care. And this can mean caring about ourselves. If we are battling depression or other mental health issues, then being kind and compassionate to ourselves is extremely important.

And caring about others gives them hope. If we do not feel cared about, then we feel invisible, not special, value or loved. Showing we care instils something in others, to help them keep going.

I have a dream that we will all love and care about one another. I have a dream that we will treat one another with respect and kindness. I have a dream that one day Martin Luther King’s dream will come true and there will be a ‘beautiful symphony of brotherhood’.

Today’s recipe of hope is to listen to the wonderful speech and to show we care, show love, compassion and kindness to ourselves and one another.

This week let us truly care X

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