I see you

There was a very interesting news piece yesterday evening about a street in Liverpool, which was described as: the ‘most overlooked street in Britain’. Residents hadn’t received visits, phone calls or contact and felt neglected and forgotten. One family whose mum has terminal cancer had been stuck indoors for the past ten weeks.

This got me thinking. Being overlooked does not make someone feel good. I wrote recently about the importance of celebrating success. I want to encourage people today to see those around them and notice them. As a single person, there are many events I feel excluded from; Mother’s day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, where the emphasis is on families with children. In the UK, there is a great deal of celebration of family life and rightly so. However, I personally feel single people are overlooked by society. There is no single’s day and many single people feel isolated on days where others celebrate.

So, how do we deal with this? I try to meet single friends on Valentine’s day, although I am not sure that will be possible if the virus is still around. The way I have dealt with the issue of being overlooked, is to try to notice others. When we have experienced something negative, we can translate it into a positive.

So have any of you felt overlooked? How have you dealt with this? Some people like to be in the background and that is fine. I feel that being noticed and cared about is very important. It makes you feel seen and valued. So, if anyone is reading from the street in Britain featured yesterday, I se you.

Today’s recipe of hope is to see others. Think about people who may get overlooked. Reach out to them. And if you are feeling overlooked and not seen, speak to those who you are close to and share this. Sometimes we may feel uncared for and those around us have no idea.

May you all feel seen and loved X

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