Hope is the fuel that drives us

Today I want to explore the power of hope in tracic situations, which is the ‘never give up principle’.

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I have been watching a series on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and what has struck me most is that Gerry and Kate have never given up hope. For parents of missing children, the words uttered in the programme ‘hope is the fuel that keeps us going’ ring true.

There are some wonderful stories of missing children who turn up after years later. Here is one such story:

Julian Hernandez didn’t realize that he had been missing since 2002 until he discovered his status himself in 2015. The 18-year-old Alabama boy had been living with his father under false names for more than 13 years. In 2002, Julian’s mother told police that his father had supposedly taken the five-year-old to preschool, but they never returned. It wasn’t until Julian began applying to colleges that he realized that the Social Security number his father gave him was fake.

What I want to draw from this is the impoirtance of carrying a beacon of hope in a seemingly impossible situation. This can apply to so many areas, especially the current pandemic. Many elderly people have beaten this virus. I for one am going to hope against the odds for many things.

Today’s recipe of hope is simply this; don’t give up hope. I personally believe in miracles. Keep hope alive, keep fuelling it, because it will keep you going. Being hopeful helps counteract depression, I know this from personal experience. Keep fighting forwards dear readers X

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