Thirteen reasons why

Today I am going to shake things up a bit. Today’s recipe of hope is at the beginning of the post. It is to consider and write down thirteen reasons why your life matters. Because, every life matters.

I watched the series ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ on Netflix some time ago and was deeply moved. This tragic series explores the reasons why a teenage girl ends her life. The series ends with a graphic depiction of suicide, which is very hard to watch and extremely realistic. And I have been thinking a lot about suicide recently: because two people I know and care about have been affected by this.

Personally I think suicide is not and act of selfishishness ; I feel it is viewed as a way to end, maybe years of unrelenting pain. And during those times when I have contemplated it myself |(yes I promised to be transparent), I have simply wanted emotional pain to stop. I have wanted a way of escape.

I feel totally differently now. I have found a way to harness my pain to help others. And I really want to help others. If any readers are feeling suicidal today, I want to say that your life really does matter. Please recah out and tell someone how you are feeling. And if you have stuffed up in your life, as I have on many occasions, even if you have done something bad, it is never to late to change and turn things around.

I am very glad I pushed through the pain battles and stayed alive. I am glad others haven’t suffered because I lost my fight. Because when people lose the fight to remain on this planet, others are always sad. We are never a burden in the way we may view themselves.

Life for me is about Hope walking with me, comforting me, holding a candle in my darkness, illuminating my way and cheering me on. Hope is my biggest fan.

So there are thirteen reasons why your life matters. And there are hundreds more.

May you truly know today Your Life Matters X

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